10 Best VPN Services To Surf The Internet Safely


In a world where the dangers have doubled now that we are starting to live in the cyberspace too. The new fashionable accessory seems to be security. A solid set of door locks and latches plus a great choice of VPN will surely do the trick.


There are more moments in your life when you need the service of a VPN than you think. Whenever you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot, no matter how much you trust the connection. You are an open target for hackers. However, VPNs are not only security tools, but they also provide a cloak for your IP address. Which lets you stream videos that are not available in your country and protect you from bothering online advertising. Let’s see the best VPN services.

                  10 Best VPN Services


#1 TunnelBear

TunnelBear is actually a fun service to have around. Beside the protection features, you get to enjoy a cute, user-friendly interface. Their privacy terms are pretty strict when it comes to security, so you are all covered here. The best thing about this free tool is that it uses a strong AES 256-bit encryption. Plus, they will never log your network activity anywhere. TunnelBear protects you against any indiscretion from your Internet Service Provider also. It will block the monitoring that your ISP does on your computer. The VPN won’t allow it to slow down the speed of your connection.

If you are going to use more than 500 MB of data on a monthly basis, be prepared to pay some cash. However, their services are top notch, and you will get to enjoy 24-hour customer care support.

#2 NordVPN

If you don’t want to play against the odds, this is the most endowed VPN tool out there. With a whopping encryption capacity of 2048-bit, the platform provides a professional suite of services since 2012. NordVPN goes by a no login format which hinders them to register any kind of user activity.

They have a special Kill Switch feature that will assure you an extra layer of security. What this does is that while constantly keeping an eye on the link between your selected websites and their VPN servers. The Kill Switch will automatically interrupt them if a data interruption is noticed. This eliminates any opportunity for unsecured data to sneak up on you.

#3 CyberGhost 5

CyberGhost is another good choice when you need the service of a multilateral VPN. This tool has invested even in its own browser icon. So, from now on, you don’t need to open both a web page and your VPN tool to secure your Internet connection. You can just activate your digital security with one click.

The free version of CyberGhost will restrict your bandwidth and will shut down the protection after two hours of usage. However, if you decide to unlock its complete potential with the paid services. You will enjoy stress-free anonymous and secure surfing. And just check the list of devices that support this software: Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Router, Raspberry Pi and many other eBook readers or game consoles.


#4 Hide.me

Another reliable VPN with an AES-256 encryption is the Hide.me tool which does what it says. It will hide you from unsecured free WiFi connections wherever you are in the world, and it also extends its services to mobile devices too.

Hide.me lets you set it on your home router, which is a very cool feature that will ensure the protection of your other home devices that can’t support a VPN, such as PlayStation or Apple TV. The software offers a large selection of protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, SoftEther and IKEv2 which will make sure that all your downloads and uploads remain private.

#5 KeepSolid

This interesting VPN provider offers as many pricing options as many types of budgets there are in the world. You can choose a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or even three-yearly plans. The prices are more than fair for the extensive services it offers. KeepSolid also lets you activate your own extensions.

You can have your personal VPN server, which means that there will never be other users on the same bandwidth. You can even purchase your own static IP address to remove any threat of a blockage and extend the number of devices you can protect with this VPN from five to 10.

However, the software doesn’t cover all the types of torrents there are, so you may lack some support in this area. Nonetheless, the services are exquisite and worth your time.

#6 Windscribe

As far as the price quality is concerned, Windscribe proves to be an excellent VPN service.  It protects all your online activity such as browsing, P2P, email, and Skype from any mischievous threat. You can rest assured that the tool has your back even in cases of connection loss to its servers. As soon as any interruption is perceived, Windscribe will automatically prevent the exposure of your home IP address.

The software will also generate secure links from your own browser and will block any kind of ads or trackers that can disrupt your digital experience.

#7 IPVanish

While the other VPN providers are trying to come up with the perfect balance between price and products, IPVanish is all about quality. Even though it promises the security of only two devices, its numbers are fantastic. The VPN service offers over 40,000 shared IPs, over 500 VPN servers, and covers over 60 countries.

The price might be a tricky issue for most, but the speed you’ll have with this product is just dazzling. You’ll enjoy unlimited P2P traffic. If it happens that this service will disappoint you, which is highly unlikely. You can play the 7-day money-back guarantee card.

#8 ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN scores some satisfactory overall points from its users, and it was voted the best VPN. Thanks to it, you can access video wherever you are, hide your IP address from any kind of spy, and you can unlock almost any kind of website.

The server locations are spread around all over the world in more than 80 countries such as US, Australia or the UK. They offer you the highest speeds possible, a powerful 256-bit encryption, and unlimited bandwidth. With ExpressVPN you can easily bypass any geographical censorship and surveillance and stay safe from hackers for as long as you want. You can use this tool for both computer and phone.

#9 VPNArea

If you are concerned about the penalties you might get from your ISP each time you let the torrents work for you, VPNArea might be the perfect fit for you. The company is based in Bulgaria, which means really great news for you. The services are outside the Fourteen Eyes countries which shrink the possibilities of any copyright infringement. The most interesting feature that sets it apart from others is that it changes your IP every five minutes with it Auto-IP option.

#10 PureVPN

PureVPN is the only VPN provider that has an unmatching presence in exactly 141 countries. The Hong Kong company allows its users the freedom of customization, which means that they can select one of their 500+ servers based on their intention and not location, which doesn’t affect the VPN connection much.

So, if you have been trying to watch Netflix in a geo-restricted country, you can now find your way to this television service through PureVPN. The software grants you all security protocol, assures the safety of your Internet connection with 256-bit encryption, be it even a WiFi hotspot.

All in all, these are the 10 best VPN services in 2016. You have a great set of choices, from high-quality products to user-friendly free services.

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