What is 5G? know if it is a miracle or curse for us?

What is 5G?

5G, the fifth-generation technology gives us 10gbps data transferring speed. Such a high speed for us but if it really helpful for us or not is a big question nowadays for us.

let’s see if it is a blessing or a curse for us?

India’s current population is 133.92 Cr and 82 Cr people of India is using mobile phones and out of 82 Cr people, 55 Cr people are using the internet.
With the help of 2017 report, we came to know that one person is using an average of 11 GB data in a month.



Fastest Internet-

5G is going to be the fastest internet everywhere. 5G is 10 times faster than 4G. It will give us faster internet. It is very good news for persons who like gaming. Gaming will be very realistic with this because of its high speed and low latency.

What 5G does for industries?

5g will be a big change in Industries like health care industry and aviation. Autonomous vehicles like self-driving cars need the fastest latency because of road conditions and its latency is just 1 millisecond. With low latency, gaming will become more interested because of low response time. So with 5G, everything is going to change.

5G in Health Care –

In India there is no good doctor for village people because of this reason they are suffering from many diseases. But with the help of this 5g doctor can examine the patients remotely with the help of monitoring devices. It is possible only with the 5G because 4G has latency time 300-400 millisecond and with the help of 5g latency time will be reduced to 30 milliseconds.

For example, if a doctor who lives in foreign and does surgery of the patient who lives in a village then that operation he is performing in foreign, will perform on a patient in India after 30secs with the help of a machine that is connected to the internet will perform the actions of the doctor.

We can’t say anything surely but some companies have tested it and we can talk about those companies. It is also harmful to migratory birds.


So after reading this article you will definitely come to know that 5G is a blessing or a curse for us? Nothing can be said in advance but it can happen in future reports says.


In this, 40-300 millimeter waves will be used. No telecom company has used this bandwidth till now. With this high bandwidth, we can connect many devices at the same time. But mm waves can’t travel for so long because trees, buildings, etc. can observe these waves and in result, data will be lost. So we have to install the cell towers everywhere and near to each other so that data will not be lost. In 4G technology, there have only 10-13 antennas on towers but in 5G, it will be increased to 100 antennas.

It will be a curse for human health because our body acts as an antenna and it will transmit and receive the signals if the frequency of the signal is increased. It will affect our DNA and damage the skin cells. Mm, waves are used to scatter the mob and it causes irritation in the human body that’s why it is used to scattered the people. It will also imbalance the human electromagnetic and electrical communication and it will cause emotional, mental, physical and psychological diseases.
With the help of these frequencies, we can also change the emotional state of a person and it can cause depression to person.

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