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    Hidden Features Of The New iOS On iPhone


    Hidden Features of the iPhone

    There are various Hidden Features of the iPhone which I have explained one by one in the given below paragraphs in a very easy way.


    Arrange Multi Apps:

    With the help of this iPhone feature, you can arrange multi apps in a very easy way.

    For that, just hold the Tap and hold the single app with the finger and tap once on the other apps which you want to move. Now can place these apps anywhere. You can also check this video in more detail.

    Scan Document:

    There is no need to install any other third-party software to scan the documents. iPhone has an inbuilt feature for scanning. For scanning any documents, open the notepad on your iPhone. Tap on plus option and then select “Scan Documents” and your camera will start for scanning the documents.


    Scan QR Code:

    iPhone gives you an inbuilt QR code scanning feature with the iPhone camera. Just open the iPhone back camera and start scanning QR Code. When the scanning will have completed then a message will pop up related to the QR Code. Check this video you can easily understand with this video.


    Clear the all notification with just one click:

    Most of the iPhone users do not know about this feature. Let’s see how we can use this feature. For using this feature, firstly open your notification center. Tap and hold the CROSS X, then it will show the option “Clear All Notifications”. Tap this option, resultantly all the notifications will be deleted. For more detail, you can check this video.


    Typing with a single hand:

    iPhone has also a beautiful feature that you can easily type with a single hand on the keyboard. You can either use the left hand or right hand. For that, open your message and click in the place where you want to type. Now your keyboard will be open. Tap and hold the Globe Option then some option will appear. If you go at the bottom then you can see three options: left, center and right.

    Already you are using the center option, where you can use the keyboard for both hands. If you will select the left option the keypad will move toward left. Now you can easily type with the left hand. If you select the right option then the keypad will move toward the right. Then you can use this keypad with the right hand. You can also easily understand the process of using the keypad for a single hand with this video.


    Control Center:

    How to add additional control to appear in the control center:

    Step 1: Open setting.

    Step 2: Then open the control center.

    Step 3: Now open Customize Controls.

    Step 4: Now you can select the controls which you want to appear in the control center by tapping on Plus.

    After completing this process you can see those options in the front control center which you have already selected.

    Screen Recording with Audio:

    you can record the screen with audio on your iPhone.

    Step 1: Open the control center.

    Step 2: If you tap the recording option the only screen will be recorded.

    Step 3: If you want to take screen recording with audio, then hold the screen recording option. Now you can see your microphone is Off. Tap microphone, the color of the microphone has been changed into a red color. It means, your microphone is active with the screen video.

    Step 4: Access Hotspot: most iPhone users do not know about this feature. There is no need to go into the setting, you can easily control these features in the control center.

    Just tap and hold the area where your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth options are placed. Tap airdrop and you can select the out of three options; Receiving off, contacts only and everyone.

    Control Brightness:

    For controlling brightness, you can adjust the brightness by touching and slide up and down. There is furthermore features in this feature. For using this feature, just give the 3d touch on this brightness option. You can see two more options in this along with the same control. One is Night Shift off until 10:00 PM which you can use at night for protecting the eyes from the light. The second one is True Tone, which mostly we can use in the day time.


    Flashlight intensity:

    In the control center, you can directly access the flashlight feature. If you give the 3d touch on a flashlight then a new option will appear where you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of the flashlight.

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    How to Change the computer Password without using Old password

    computer Password without using Old password

    If you want to Change the computer Password without using Old password then this article is for you and follow along with this article from beginning to end.

    You can also watch a video tutorial for the same on our YouTube channel Mind Strikes.

    So let’s start with our methods to change the Admin password for your computer.

    computer Password without using Old password

    For Changing admin password, There are two methods in which you can change the admin password of your computer or laptop:

    1. First One is – using Old Password.
    2. Second One is – without Using old Password.

    I Know guys most of the people will already know how to change the computer password with the use of Old Password but they don’t know how to change the computer password without old password.

    In this article, I will explain both the methods for changing the password of your personal computer.

    First Method: Using Old Password

    For changing computer password with help of old password, you will have to use Control Panel.
    For that you have to follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Open your computer Settings
    • Step 2: Click on “Accounts” and open it.
    • Step 3: On the left side of this window. Click on the “Sign-in options”
    • Step 4: Then Click On the “Change” option in the Password Option.
    • Step 5: then the new window is opened where you have to fill the old/current password. After Filling the current or old password then click on the Next button below.
    • Step 6: Set New Password according to your choice and reconfirm the same password.
      Then click on the Save button.

    This is the common method for changing the password of our computer or Laptop. Mostly, all the people using this method.

    Second Method: Change the computer Password without using Old password

    There is another method for changing the Change the admin Password without using Old password.

    If you want to know how to change the laptop or computer’s Password without using the old password then you have to follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Right-click on the command prompt and open with “ Run as administrator”.
    • Step 2: Type “net user” and press “Enter”
      It will show your accounts created by you.
    • Step 3: Type “net user” Space “your administrator name” Space “Your New Password”
      Then press “Enter”

    Whenever you press the enter it will show you the message that “The command completed successfully”.

    There you Go! your password is now changed.

    hope you liked our this guide and we will keep posting more computer-related tricks and guides. Just keep visiting our website, Talwinder Singh.

    I hope you will like this article. If you are facing any problem regarding performing this process you can freely ask any question through the comment box.

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    All about iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro And iPhone 11 Pro Max

    iPhone 11

    Today we will know about all new features of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    iPhone 11 will be a successor of iPhone XR. iPhone 11 will be the same as an iPhone XR and Body will be made of aluminum same as XR. so let’s see what apple gives us in iPhone 11?

    So let’s start checking out some features of brand new iPhone 11 series.


    In iPhone 11 Apple is giving us a variety of six new colors which are Red, Black, White, Yellow, Green, and Purple. All are very gentle colors to pick. Thank you apple for providing us very beautiful colors.

    iPhone 11


    iPhone 11 will have the dual-camera setup.

    The first camera is of 12 MP of the wide-angle, which is a regular camera and having the following characteristics:

    • 6-element lens
    • optical image stabilization
    • 100% focus pixels

    The second one is also 12 MP but it will be an ultra-wide-angle camera and 5 element lens.

    we can click wide-angle photographs from both cameras and can shoot video of 60 fps.both cameras have following features:

    • slo-mo
    • time lapse
    • cinematic video stabilization
    • extended dynamic range


    Display size is the same as XR which is 6.1 inches.


    In this iPhone, logo will be in center unlike XR in which it was in little up from the center

    Audio Speakers

    iPhone 11 will have a support of Dolby Atmos, which has a better audio quality

    Portrait Mode

    Portrait mode will be there. before it, you can only portrait human being but now animals and objects also can be portraited. In this portrait mode, the new lightening effect is there that will change normal light into a studio type light

    Night mode

    The best part of iPhone 11 is night mode, the dark photo can be brightened with night mode

    Quick Take

    The new feature is introduced which is QuickTake. Like Instagram, if we tap and hold on the photo shutter then it will automatically start video recording. we don’t need to shift the camera from photo to video mode.

    They will provide us the highest quality video than any other smartphones available in the market.

    Different from iPhone XR

    The front-facing camera in XR was 7MP which is upgraded in iPhone 11 from 7MP to 12 MP true depth camera. you can also click wide-angle photographs and can also take portrait photographs with a friend in the front-facing camera.


    There is one more feature introduced that ais called Slofies, in this, you can capture slow-motion selfies and slow-motion videos

    A13 Bionic Chip

    It has an A13 bionic chip which is much faster than any other flagship smartphones available in the market and GPU performances is also outstanding.


    The battery life is increased by one hour as compared to iPhone XR.


    In this, you will get upgraded water-resistant quality


    The price will start from $699 UST

    iPhone 11 Pro and Pro max

    The design will be similar to iPhone 11 but sides of the phone will be made of stainless steel and new 4 colors introduced in this


    new gold, frosted white, black, frosted green



    iPhone 11 pro will have display 5.8″

    458 PPI

    iPhone 11 pro max

    6.5″ display

    458 PPI


    iPhone 11 pro battery life is 4 hours more than iPhone Xs and iPhone 11 pro max battery life is 5 hours more than iPhone Xs Max


    iPhone 11 pro price starts from $999 whereas iPhone 11 pro max price starts from $1099

    Super Retina XDR

    Brightness increased to 1200 nits, energy and efficiency are increased and contrast ratio too. that is why they named this display super retina XDR

    they both will be packed with 18 watts faster charger


    It has three cameras same

    First one is a wide camera

    and second is ultra-wide camera

    third is telephoto camera

    The best part of the camera is that you can use all three cameras and front-facing camera simultaneously.


    They will available from 20th September in America


    Hope you got all the information that you were looking for these new iPhones and if you still have a doubt in the mind please don’t forget to ask it below in comments section.

    please don’t forget to share this article.

    #talwindersingh #mindstrikes

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    How 5G will work? A complete dig into working of 5G




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    How 5G will work? A complete dig into working of 5G


    How 5G will work?

    This is very good news for us that we are going to have a 5G.we are now using 4G, so I think everyone has a question in mind that how new technology 5G will work? There is an answer for your all questions. Please read this article so that you will come to know about the true facts of 5G. But before starting with 5G let’s discuss about the past technology first.


    First Generation (1G)
    Second Generation(2G)
    Third Generation (3G)
    Fourth Generation (4G)
    -Basic Voice Service
    -Analog cellular
    -2 Kbps
    -Digital Voice
    -64 Kbps
    -Mobile broadband
    -Designed for Voice and Data
    -2 Mpbs
    -Based on data
    -True wireless Broadband
    -100 Mbps

    So it was a short note about all previous technology. Now it is a time for new Generation named as 5G. It will be 10 times faster than 4G. We all want superfast Internet. So there is a 5G with Superfast Internet with low latency.

    Everyone must have a question in mind that why we need 5G and how 5G will provide us a superfast Internet and how it will work. So here are your answers.

    Why we need 5G?

    A big question in our mind is that we already have a 4G, so what’s the need for 5G. The 4G network is congested when many people connected to it at the same time.

    Generally, we only get an average speed of 1-10 Mbps and latency of 50-100 milliseconds so with the increasing population we need a faster network.

    Automated machine and self-driving cars etc. need high-speed internet and low latency. All these machines want a superfast Internet and low latency.

    5G is the fifth generation new radio network and it will be capable to provide us 20 Gbps speed and low latency with 1 millisecond. It can handle a large number of population at the same time.


    How it will works?

    There are 3 types of spectrum
    1. Sub 1 GHz
    2. Sub 6 GHz
    3. MM wave

    Sub 1 GHz spectrum-

    1 GHz is a low band spectrum with slow speed. Its maximum speed is 100 Mbps. It can cover a very large area and can penetrate concrete walls. It has a frequency of 600 Mhz. Nowadays it is very congested. Almost in world 4G network is using Sub 1 GHz and it will be also used in 5G.

    Sub 6 GHz-

    6 GHz has a frequency of 3.5 GHz. It can provide faster internet up to 1 Gbps but it is shorter in range. To increase the range in Sub 6 Ghz we need following techniques
    -massive Mimo
    -career aggregation (to aggregate different frequencies resulted as the same user). It is also known as LTE Advance. There is also an LTE Advance Pro also known as Pre 5G.

    MM waves-

    MM waves is a real 5G network. MM waves have a high band spectrum and its range is 6-30 GHz cm waves. It is the fastest speed network. But it can’t go through the walls, buildings. MM waves have a very short range. To use this we have to install towers with a high number of small cells everywhere to transfer fast data.

    Jio already has a contract with the SAMSUNG Company to install small cells. These small cells help us to provide high speed and high range. In 4G, towers can emit a signal in all directions but in 5G technology, towers emit a signal in a specific direction so that the actual receiver will receive data in no time.

    5G will handle 10, 00,000 devices in 1 sq km area. With the help of 5G we will get followings:-

    -superfast data
    -movie download in just 10 sec
    -It has low latency. With these IoT devices like self-driving cars, healthcare, smart homes, remote devices control can work.
    – It will be able to provide data to the speedy vehicle.
    – It will able to handle massive data traffic.
    – It will use lesser power.

    We are very sure that by reading this article, you must have answers to your questions related to 5G.

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    What is 5G? know if it is a miracle or curse for us?


    What is 5G?

    5G, the fifth-generation technology gives us 10gbps data transferring speed. Such a high speed for us but if it really helpful for us or not is a big question nowadays for us.

    let’s see if it is a blessing or a curse for us?

    India’s current population is 133.92 Cr and 82 Cr people of India is using mobile phones and out of 82 Cr people, 55 Cr people are using the internet.
    With the help of 2017 report, we came to know that one person is using an average of 11 GB data in a month.



    Fastest Internet-

    5G is going to be the fastest internet everywhere. 5G is 10 times faster than 4G. It will give us faster internet. It is very good news for persons who like gaming. Gaming will be very realistic with this because of its high speed and low latency.

    What 5G does for industries?

    5g will be a big change in Industries like health care industry and aviation. Autonomous vehicles like self-driving cars need the fastest latency because of road conditions and its latency is just 1 millisecond. With low latency, gaming will become more interested because of low response time. So with 5G, everything is going to change.

    5G in Health Care –

    In India there is no good doctor for village people because of this reason they are suffering from many diseases. But with the help of this 5g doctor can examine the patients remotely with the help of monitoring devices. It is possible only with the 5G because 4G has latency time 300-400 millisecond and with the help of 5g latency time will be reduced to 30 milliseconds.

    For example, if a doctor who lives in foreign and does surgery of the patient who lives in a village then that operation he is performing in foreign, will perform on a patient in India after 30secs with the help of a machine that is connected to the internet will perform the actions of the doctor.

    We can’t say anything surely but some companies have tested it and we can talk about those companies. It is also harmful to migratory birds.


    So after reading this article you will definitely come to know that 5G is a blessing or a curse for us? Nothing can be said in advance but it can happen in future reports says.


    In this, 40-300 millimeter waves will be used. No telecom company has used this bandwidth till now. With this high bandwidth, we can connect many devices at the same time. But mm waves can’t travel for so long because trees, buildings, etc. can observe these waves and in result, data will be lost. So we have to install the cell towers everywhere and near to each other so that data will not be lost. In 4G technology, there have only 10-13 antennas on towers but in 5G, it will be increased to 100 antennas.

    It will be a curse for human health because our body acts as an antenna and it will transmit and receive the signals if the frequency of the signal is increased. It will affect our DNA and damage the skin cells. Mm, waves are used to scatter the mob and it causes irritation in the human body that’s why it is used to scattered the people. It will also imbalance the human electromagnetic and electrical communication and it will cause emotional, mental, physical and psychological diseases.
    With the help of these frequencies, we can also change the emotional state of a person and it can cause depression to person.

    If you have any thoughts about this article, please write down below in the comment section. Thanks.

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    Get 3 Months Free Uses: Register Jio Gigafiber


    Do you want to Get Three-month unlimited data free of cost?

    Of course yes, your answer will be. With this you can get free wifi, Smart home Tv, free voice calling and gaming, etc. For that, you have to follow the steps to Register Jio Gigafiber. So let’s start with this step by step.

    How to Register Jio GigaFiber?

    Step 1: To Register Jio Gigafiber, Open MyJio App or you can visit the Jio website. Steps for registration with MyJio App and Jio Website are same.

    MyJio App For Android: DOWNLOAD

    MyJio App For iPhone: DOWNLOAD

    Website link to Register for Jio GigaFiber:  Jio GigaFiber


    Step 2: After opening the Jio website you can see there is an option to Register Jio Gigafiber. To register you have to click on invite Jio GigaFiber button.

    Step 3: Next, the page will open and you have to set your location or fill your address or pin it on map.

    Step 4: After pin it up you have to confirm it, you can set this address as a home address or working address and confirm it.

    Step 5: Next you have to fill your name, your phone number and click on the button named as generate OTP.

    Step 6: After getting OTP on your phone you have to fill and submit it.

    Here are we have done with our registration process. With following these easy steps you can get GigaFiber and free unlimited data for three months. Free Voice Calling, Free Video Conferencing, Free Unlimited Gaming, Free HD/4K LED TV, Free Internet with 1Gbps speed and Etc.

    3 Months Free Facilities With JIo Set Top Box After:

    Free Voice Calling, Free Video Conferencing, Free Unlimited Gaming, Free Internet with 1Gbps speed and Etc.

    After knowing all these benefits, you must keen to know the installation time for Getting GigaFiber. So it will depend on how many people have registered for GigaFiber in your city and your locality. So chances are very high to get it if your area is very active with the registration process. Hopefully, you get it soon and Enjoy free unlimited data.

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    How To Use Apple Card


    How To Use Apple Card

    In this article, I am going to explain the features and the use of Apple Card with the iPhone with the help of this article, everyone can easily use the Apple Card designed by Apple.

    How to make a purchase in the store with Apple Card Traditionally

    Step1: First of all, For paying the bill with Apple Card, look for an apple card reader or apple pay.

    Step2: Then, Double click the side button of your iPhone.

    Step3: After a glance to authentication hold the iPhone near the apple card reader.

    Now the process of payment with Apple Card Traditionally has been done.

    How to make Purchase Online with Apple Card Digitally

    Step1: For paying online just tap Apple Pay.

    Step2: Just Double Click side button.

    Step3:  Glance to authenticate and Done.

    Now the process of payment Online has been don with easy these three steps.

    How to find the Card Number of your apple Card

    Step1: First, Open your Wallet App.

    Step2:  Then, Tap the 3dot option at the right top corner.

    Step3: Now, Tap Card Information.

    Step4: Glance to authenticate and then you can see your full Information of Apple card including Card number.

    You can easily get the information with these 4 steps.

    How to see your Daily Cash from apple Card

    Step1: Firstly. Open your Wallet App.

    Step2:  Then, Tap Apple Cash.

    Step3: Go Down and Check your daily cash and latest transactions.

    How to make the payment on your Apple Card

    Step1: To Begin, Open your Wallet App.

    Step2:  Then, Tap Pay.

    Step3: Now, choose the amount to pay then tap Pay Now.

    Step4: Double click side button of your iPhone.

    Step5: Glance to authenticate and done.

    These are the easy 5 steps through which you can easily make the payment on your Apple Card.

    How to check your spending with your Apple Card

    Step1: First Of all, Open your Wallet App.

    Step2:  Then, Tap Activity.

    Step3: Now, you can see your spending by weekly or monthly by just tap view weekly or view monthly at top right corner.

    Step4: Go Down and you can also see by category wise.

    These are the easy 4 steps through which you can check your spending with your Apple Card.


    How To Get Support 24/7 with Apple Card

     Step1: Firstly, Open the Wallet App.

    Step2:  Then, Tap the 3dot option at the right top corner.

    Step3: Now, Tap Message.

    Step4: Here you can the message related to any query and get the support within seconds.

    So with these 4 steps, you can easily get 24/7 support for apple card.

    I hope, this article fruitful for you to get each and every knowledge about the Apple Card.

    Note: If you want to know about the activation process with the deep detail of Apple Card then you can the previous Article Launched Apple Credit Card

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    Launched Apple Credit Card : Apple Card


    Launched Apple Credit Card: Apple Card

    Apple launched the Apple Credit Card named as Apple Card. Apple Card is a credit card which is specially designed for Apple Phone. It is also like a traditional credit card as well as a digital credit card. Traditionally you can use like other normal credit cards. Digitally you can use through your apple phone only. Apple Card is compatible with all Apple devices.


    How To Apply For Apple Card

    It is very simple to apply for the Apple Card. For that :

    Step1: First open Wallet app on your iPhone.

    Step2: Tap on the Plus symbol which is held on the top right corner in the Wallet app.

    Step3: Then tap Apple Card and tap Continue.

    Step4: Now fill your complete information.

    Step5: Tap the Next option at the top right corner.

    Step6: Tap  Accept Apple Card option and then tap on continue.

    After completing this process, now you have successfully applied for Apple Card.

    Once you received the Titanium Card now you have to activate with your iPhone.


    How to activate your Titanium Card with iPhone XS/XR

    Step1:  Open your new Titanium Card Packaging.

    Step2:  Hold your apple card near your iPhone like Air pods.

    Step3:  Now, you will receive the popup message like Air pods. Then Tap Activate.

    Now Activation process of apple card has been completed.

    How to activate your Titanium Card with iPhone X and earlier

    Step1:  Open your new Titanium Card Packaging.

    Step2: Open the Wallet app and tap on Activate Your Card.

    Step3:  Hold near the packaging near the iPhone.

    Step4: Tap Activate your Card and tap Done.

    Now Activation process of apple card on your iPhone X and earlier has been completed.

    This is complete information for applying and activation process of Apple Card.

    For More Information of Apple Card, You Can Read My Next Article  How To Use Apple Card.

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    Jio Again Brought The Revolution In india With Jio Gigafiber

    Jio Again Brought The Revolution In India With Jio Gigafiber

    Jio Gigiafiber has launched by  RIL (Reliance Industries Limited). User can avail the Jio Gigiafiber Services from 5 September Onwards. Mukesh Ambani announced the launch date of Jio set-top box, Jio Giga Fiber, and other various plans.

    Jio has become now the second-largest telecom player in the world. Jio partners with Microsoft company for its Cloud service called Azure.

    What is Jio Gigafiber?

    Jio Gigafiber is broadband. With the help of this broadband, we can explore various things very fast on the internet. It is a fiber-based technology. Experience to surf, stream, game, and work through this network is very fast.

    Speed: Speed of this Jio Gigafiber starts from 100Mbps up to 1Gbps.

    Pricing: Pricing is based on choosing the internet speed plan. The pricing ranges according to the plan is 700 per month to 10,000 per month announced by Mukesh Ambani


    Other Facilities With JIo Set Top Box

    Free Voice Calling :

    Jio will give free LandLine Phone with unlimited voice calling.

    Free Video Conferencing:

    Jio will give free video conferencing facility with inbuilt conferencing software. There is no need to buy any other device for video conferencing.


    Free Unlimited Gaming

    Jio provides free unlimited gaming with this set-top box,  no need to purchase the extra play station. In this set-top box already having the software for heavy gaming like play stations. Now you easily play the heavy loading games like PUBG.

    Free HD/4K LED TV

    Yes, it’s absolutely true that Jio will give the free HD/4K LED TV with the annual subscription of this set-top box.

    More facilities with this single Set Top Box which will be provided by Jio in the future.  It may be free of cost including in the existing plan.


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    Huawei Introduced New OS: HarmonyOS

    Huawei Introduced New OS: HarmonyOS


    Huawei introduced HarmonyOS at its annual developer’s conference. CEO Richard Yu said that this new operating system of the company was being worked on since 2017. With the new operating system, Huawei wants to provide an open-source platform. It can be used from smartphones to TVs, laptops and even cars.


    Furthermore, the main aim of HarmonyOS is to develop a single software that will work with all devices, from smartphones and laptops. This platform is designed for a variety of devices. It is currently aimed at IoT devices such as smart displays or smart home equipment.

    HarmonyOS is the company’s new OS based on MicroKernel. This means that it will use the least amount of resources, ensuring that the operating speed is fast. It is open-source and comes with TEE (Trusted Executive Environment) for better security across devices. Harmony operating system has an arc compiler, which supports all major languages ​​including C /, C ++, Java, JavaScript, and Kotlin. During the keynote, Richard stated that HarmonyOS can replicate Android. But currently, the company will only use Google’s software on its smartphones for users and for Google’s app portfolio.

    Even after this, if there are more problems, then users will be able to transfer to the company’s new operating system. In terms of app support, HarmonyOS will support all Android apps as well as HTML5 and Linux. HarmonyOS aims to move beyond Android to become a global operating system in the future. Huawei will make Dev Kits available to its partners. So that they can start building compatible apps immediately and speed up the process of implementing the new operating system.

    Huawei said the OS will initially launch in China market to catch the complete china market. After covering China then it will be lunch globally, Yu said.

    Huawei’s Official Information: HarmonyOS

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