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If you use Social Media to promote your blog, facebook page, and business website, probably you will be familiar with the Buzzsumo. It is the most effective tool that allows us to find the most popular post on Social Media networks.

When anybody intends to write a post on a popular topic, then Buzzsumo comes handy to find the hot trends. It is the best tool to analyze the performance of any website or blog on social media. If you want to know about the popularity of any specific post, then simply put the URL in the Search box and press enter. The Buzzsumo will show you the popularity of the post on different social media sites.

Here we are introducing a new tool by Buzzsumo.The Buzzsumo has recently launched a new tool. Its name is SumoRank. One most attracting thing about this tool is that it is free to use. Now, we have one more tool to support our social media strategy.

How to use SumoRank To Analyze        Facebook Page

SumoRank is an excellent tool and effective as Buzzsumo is. It helps to inspect any Facebook fan page and offer deep insights. It analyzes the Facebook fan page and gives different stats about the page. You can get best visitors’ engagement report for any Facebook Fan Page using this wonderful tool.

SumoRank represents the data in chart form, so it becomes easy for everyone to know about the actual stats. One great advantage of this tool is that you are allowed to examine other Fan pages. Thus, it becomes easy to analyze your competitor’s Fan page and you can get likes and traffic to your fan page. You should also read about blogging commenting sites to get easy traffic to your blog.

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Let’s take an example for easy understanding of this tool. I choose to analyze the popularity of one popular blog’s Fan Page and directly submitted the name of it. You may simply insert the Fan Page name into the text box. No need to put the complete URL.



Just look at the SumoRank for this page and the best description of it. Maybe in future, the SumoRank will be considered as the popularity index, but currently, a few people only know about it.

Let’s discuss the stats of this page. I have divided the complete report into screenshots. I am not giving emphasis on the description of each screenshot. Instead, offering takeaways with each screenshot that you can use to improve your Facebook Fan Page performance.

Identification for the Screenshots:

Share = Green

Like = Blue

Comments = Orange

Estimated Monthly Total interactions on Social Media:


Takeaway: By using this chart, you may take any idea about the performance of any Facebook fan page on the basis of like, comment and share. If you are willing to know about your competitor’s fan page performance, this chart can you give you a clear idea.


Average Engagement per Post Type/Character Type

Takeaway: By this chart, you may get to know what kind of post is performing better. In this case, the link is doing better than others, and then images are receiving good engagement.

Day posted and Average Engagement

Takeaway: This page is getting maximum posts on Thursday. Thus, you may simply know about the day when any Facebook Fan page gets maximum posts.

Time posted and Average Engagement


Takeaway: This is very crucial to you. Knowing the exact time when your competitor is posting helps you to set your posting time accordingly. You may test the same time on your own facebook page. If it works for you, then you will be able to gain engagement.


Top Facebook Posts

Takeaway: The last but not least thing is the top Facebook posts. This is the foremost thing that you would like to know from SumoRank. Just analyze your competitor’s, Facebook Page. Try to know what kind of posts are performing better on their fan page(facebook page).

Pro Tip: Mostly, Success stories, images, videos and inspirational quotes perform better on the Facebook fan page.

I think you want to learn more about this tool. Do you really want to?

What are you saying?????

I heard yes. Ok then,

I tell you about one more feature of this tool.

Are you able to see the below screenshot? It is very clear after seeing this screenshot that you can download the charts as images in four different formats.

It is an added benefit for you. You can add these charts to your blog posts to make them more informative.

Visit SumoRank

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In my opinion, this is a great tool to analyze any Facebook Page. What do you have to say about it? Use this tool and share your experience by commenting below.

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