Get 3 Months Free Uses: Register Jio Gigafiber

Do you want to Get Three-month unlimited data free of cost?

Of course yes, your answer will be. With this you can get free wifi, Smart home Tv, free voice calling and gaming, etc. For that, you have to follow the steps to Register Jio Gigafiber. So let’s start with this step by step.

How to Register Jio GigaFiber?

Step 1: To Register Jio Gigafiber, Open MyJio App or you can visit the Jio website. Steps for registration with MyJio App and Jio Website are same.

MyJio App For Android: DOWNLOAD

MyJio App For iPhone: DOWNLOAD

Website link to Register for Jio GigaFiber:  Jio GigaFiber


Step 2: After opening the Jio website you can see there is an option to Register Jio Gigafiber. To register you have to click on invite Jio GigaFiber button.

Step 3: Next, the page will open and you have to set your location or fill your address or pin it on map.

Step 4: After pin it up you have to confirm it, you can set this address as a home address or working address and confirm it.

Step 5: Next you have to fill your name, your phone number and click on the button named as generate OTP.

Step 6: After getting OTP on your phone you have to fill and submit it.

Here are we have done with our registration process. With following these easy steps you can get GigaFiber and free unlimited data for three months. Free Voice Calling, Free Video Conferencing, Free Unlimited Gaming, Free HD/4K LED TV, Free Internet with 1Gbps speed and Etc.

3 Months Free Facilities With JIo Set Top Box After:

Free Voice Calling, Free Video Conferencing, Free Unlimited Gaming, Free Internet with 1Gbps speed and Etc.

After knowing all these benefits, you must keen to know the installation time for Getting GigaFiber. So it will depend on how many people have registered for GigaFiber in your city and your locality. So chances are very high to get it if your area is very active with the registration process. Hopefully, you get it soon and Enjoy free unlimited data.

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