5 Simple Tactics To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

get free followers on Instagram

Like Pinterest, Instagram is also becoming much popular these days and gaining more popularity every day.Instagram is now connecting over 150 million monthly active users and this is a big number. If you are not using Instagram then go sign up and make your space between Instagram world. This is a special guide for you to make an extraordinary number of fans on Instagram.In this guide, you will get tested ways to get free followers on Instagram and these are quite easy.

get free followers on Instagram

5 Ways To Get Free Followers On Instagram


Snap and Post fascinating Photos

This is what Instagram is made for. At first, your basic concern got to be the creation of appealing photos and videos.

For this purpose, you have to come with the different strategy when you are shooting new photos.

If you are holding a big number of Followers on Instagram then it is very important to manage and serve those followers instead of getting new.

If someone is following you, there might be several reasons like he is your friend or he liked pictures that you are posting on your Instagram. So to make your followers happy post daily different images and videos. The same type of photos every day will make your followers bore and there will be more chances for you to get unfollowed because no one wants to see same things every day.

So try to be different and adopt new strategies for making photos and videos that are trending these days. It is a good way to get free followers on Instagram.


Follow others of your interest

It is a standard apply even to alternative social networking sites like Twitter. People usually follow back those who are following them so if you need users of the Instagram app to follow you, you must follow them.


Please note! Don’t follow others only for the sake of being followed by them, only follow people of your interest. Like Twitter, Instagram also has a limit of liking and following someone on Instagram.

Instagram has hourly limits for everything and Follow limit is :

Following – 49 per hour

So use Instagram wisely and like and follow those you are interested in.

Like and post comments on nice pictures

The common currency of Instagram is the like. This one is a great method of gaining followers simply by feeling others pictures. As a result, your photos also will get noticed and will receive comment/likes from them.

Do fewer comments but they should be original. You can write your true feeling about someone’s photos through comments and never think twice to give suggestions in the comment if have any. It is a fabulous way to get free followers on Instagram.

Limits for Likes and Comments :

Liking – 300 per hour

Commenting – 49 per hour


Make use of popular Hashtags like everyone is doing

You can get countless likes and comments on your photos on Instagram by tagging them. Hashtags are like labeling of pictures that can be accessed by people later. Anyone can find their loving photos by just clicking Hashtag of their interest.

You can also use Hashtags on Facebook to get free followers on Instagram.

For an example, if you clicked a beautiful river bank image, you’ll tag it with a preferred #river tag in order to get your picture mixed with alternative photos that have a similar tag and that can be explored by users later. The idea is that folks can search in areas that they are interested in and your pictures can be there if you have added the hashtag in the post.

Here are some of the popular hashtags on Instagram to get free followers on Instagram.

#love #instagramhub #instamood #cute #tweegram #photooftheday #20likes #amazing #smile #follow4follow #like4like #look #instalike #igers #picoftheday #food #instadaily #instafollow #followme #girl #iphoneonly #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #instago #all_shots #follow #webstagram #colorful #style #swag #me #igdaily

Limit for Hash Tags

HashTags – 30 per post

You can find more hashtags on TagsForLikes.

Timing has an important Role

Perfect timing of your post always matters. it is not easy at all, to find out the time when your targeted audience come online. There are many categories of people like College Kids, Adults. They all have different times when they come online.

To find out best timing to post a photo on Instagram you should post images several times in a day to get results for the best time. For more details about Instagram timing, you can read this article.

Additional Tip

Another way to get your Instagram profile discovered is to keep on updating with new photos daily. If you can not give much time to update daily photos at different times you can schedule photos at once to post it later.

To upload and schedule your Instagram photos you can use Latergram. This one is a useful tool and with it, your Instagram account will never run out of posts.


Instagram helps to promote business like Facebook and Twitter. So it is important to you and for your business to be everywhere to get good online presence and a site like Instagram. Which has a huge amount of users connected with it can help you to do it.

So these all are ways by which you can increase Instagram followers. These ways don’t need any other thing except your intelligence. You can grab thousands of followers on Instagram if you will use this guide cleverly.

We are looking for more ways to boost Instagram followers. If you have any secret strategy for Instagram Followers then please share with us through comments and let the other users know about it.

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