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Hidden Features Of The New iOS On iPhone

Hidden Features of the iPhone

There are various Hidden Features of the iPhone which I have explained one by one in the given below paragraphs in a very easy way.


Arrange Multi Apps:

With the help of this iPhone feature, you can arrange multi apps in a very easy way.

For that, just hold the Tap and hold the single app with the finger and tap once on the other apps which you want to move. Now can place these apps anywhere. You can also check this video in more detail.

Scan Document:

There is no need to install any other third-party software to scan the documents. iPhone has an inbuilt feature for scanning. For scanning any documents, open the notepad on your iPhone. Tap on plus option and then select “Scan Documents” and your camera will start for scanning the documents.


Scan QR Code:

iPhone gives you an inbuilt QR code scanning feature with the iPhone camera. Just open the iPhone back camera and start scanning QR Code. When the scanning will have completed then a message will pop up related to the QR Code. Check this video you can easily understand with this video.


Clear the all notification with just one click:

Most of the iPhone users do not know about this feature. Let’s see how we can use this feature. For using this feature, firstly open your notification center. Tap and hold the CROSS X, then it will show the option “Clear All Notifications”. Tap this option, resultantly all the notifications will be deleted. For more detail, you can check this video.


Typing with a single hand:

iPhone has also a beautiful feature that you can easily type with a single hand on the keyboard. You can either use the left hand or right hand. For that, open your message and click in the place where you want to type. Now your keyboard will be open. Tap and hold the Globe Option then some option will appear. If you go at the bottom then you can see three options: left, center and right.

Already you are using the center option, where you can use the keyboard for both hands. If you will select the left option the keypad will move toward left. Now you can easily type with the left hand. If you select the right option then the keypad will move toward the right. Then you can use this keypad with the right hand. You can also easily understand the process of using the keypad for a single hand with this video.


Control Center:

How to add additional control to appear in the control center:

Step 1: Open setting.

Step 2: Then open the control center.

Step 3: Now open Customize Controls.

Step 4: Now you can select the controls which you want to appear in the control center by tapping on Plus.

After completing this process you can see those options in the front control center which you have already selected.

Screen Recording with Audio:

you can record the screen with audio on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the control center.

Step 2: If you tap the recording option the only screen will be recorded.

Step 3: If you want to take screen recording with audio, then hold the screen recording option. Now you can see your microphone is Off. Tap microphone, the color of the microphone has been changed into a red color. It means, your microphone is active with the screen video.

Step 4: Access Hotspot: most iPhone users do not know about this feature. There is no need to go into the setting, you can easily control these features in the control center.

Just tap and hold the area where your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth options are placed. Tap airdrop and you can select the out of three options; Receiving off, contacts only and everyone.

Control Brightness:

For controlling brightness, you can adjust the brightness by touching and slide up and down. There is furthermore features in this feature. For using this feature, just give the 3d touch on this brightness option. You can see two more options in this along with the same control. One is Night Shift off until 10:00 PM which you can use at night for protecting the eyes from the light. The second one is True Tone, which mostly we can use in the day time.


Flashlight intensity:

In the control center, you can directly access the flashlight feature. If you give the 3d touch on a flashlight then a new option will appear where you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of the flashlight.

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