Killer Ways To Increase Facebook Page Likes Like an Expert

Facebook pages can bring a lot of profit to your any type of business and those who have big Facebook pages know the value of it. So the question is how you can bring more Likes to your Facebook Page? You might be posting good posts on your Page and sharing it with your friends but not getting likes so here you have to build a strategy that actually works. So this article will tell about those strategies that help you to Increase Facebook Page Likesgrow your Facebook Page.

Before moving further I would also like to share some advantages of Big Facebook pages. You might hear that people are earning thousands of dollars from their pages so here is how you can earn with your Pages.

  • Get Your Business Promoted via Your Page
  • Rent Your Facebook Page
  • Open Your Page for Advertising
  • Earn Money by Promoting Pictures on Your Page

Now you know the few advantages of having a Big Facebook page. Now head over to the ways to  Increase Facebook Page Likes.

           Ways To increase Facebook Page Likes

If you don’t have any Facebook Page you can quickly create it by going here. Type page name, choose the category and you are done. Having a page on Trending topics can give you more likes. You can create a Facebook page on popular topics that can bring more attraction. For an example create a Facebook page on upcoming things so that people will like it to get information about it. So now you created a page. Now follow the steps below to achieve your first milestone to  Increase Facebook Page Likes

Complete With Me

This is obvious people won’t like your page if they don’t know on what topic your page is about. So to tell people your topic you must have a Display Picture and cover photo on your page. Now fill a small description in about me section and fill out other details like website etc.

So now you got the identity of your Page, Now move forward for creating your first post on Page.

Adding your first post

Before promoting your page you must have some posts on your page so that people can see the quality of posts. It is recommended to add 5-10 posts on your page. Your initial posts must be engaging so that they can compel people to like and share it. Here is what type of posts you should post first on your page.

Create a post that can go viral – If your post went viral you will get a lot of likes on it as result your page will also be liked by people. The key to creating viral posts is going with trending, For an example, if your page is about Movie News then search for upcoming or most recent movies that were the biggest hit between the audience. Choose two movies from them and create competition on your Page.

To do that simply get the picture of those movies and combine them. Now upload on Facebook and add the description like this ” Hit Like for ” Movie Name 1″ and Comment for “Movie Name 2”. These type of posts are most likely to get the number of likes but sometime these post will not go viral until some promotion. You will learn promotion strategies in next few steps to Increase Facebook Page Likes.

Create some more posts and also try to add videos to give the variety of contents to your fans.

Ways To Promote Your Page Posts

Sharing your Page posts on your timeline is always not a good idea until you have a huge friend list. So let’s try these steps to make your post go viral.

Deal with other Page Admins

Well, you can’t create a big page just by adding posts in your Facebook page. To get your content distributed to the huge audience you have to do some business on Facebook. To do that find Pages that are relevant to your page and contact with their Admins.

To contact them open their Page and find Message option and click on it. Now its all depends upon your message to get your post shared on his/her page. You may send the following script to them and I am sure they will get back to you very soon.

Dear Admin

First of all, I would like to appreciate your work. You are really sharing good stuff on your Page and I always share that with my friends.

I also started the page ” Your Page ” to share useful stuff with the audience.So here I want to do a small deal with you.

Since our Pages are on the same topic we can cross-share our Page posts to get the new audience for our Pages. We both will get good results from it if it doesn’t work you can end the deal anytime.


Boost Posts on Page

This is the second great way to to get your post liked by your desired audience. As Facebook is not giving a good reach to pages so people started using this option which is “Boost Post”. This option is not free but this is very cheap.

How to Boost Posts on Facebook Pages?

You can find Boost Post option under the post on your Page. To get the good result from it you must choose your post wisely. After selecting your post click on Boost Post button and choose your Daily Budget and country where you want to display your Page post. You just need to add Credit Card on Facebook to use this feature.

After finishing it Facebook will review your post and will approve it to display. Review Process usually takes few hours to approve. Boosting Post helps you to display your post to those audiences who liked your page as well as who didn’t like. So this feature can bring you both Post and Page likes. You can do Boost Posts once in a week.

Other Effective Ways To Get Facebook Page Likes

If you have done all the steps correctly you will sure get the number of likes on your posts and page. So now lets target only for Page likes. Follow the steps down to promote your Facebook Page to get likes.

Invite All Friends in one Click

Sharing page of your time won’t get you enough likes if you invite your friends personally you will get more likes. If you have huge friends list like 1500 Friends and you might get 200-300 likes from them. Inviting all friends one by one takes much time and also that is too boring. So here is a script that can help you to invite all friends in one click to your page.

 Increase Facebook Page Likes

Copy the following script first.

javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘_1pu2’);
for(var i=0;i<inputs.length;i++)
{ inputs[i].click(); }

Now open your Page and click on invite friends and load your all the friends. Now paste the script in the Address bar of the same tab and type “Javascript:” in starting. See the below picture for help.


Placing Page Like Box on your Website

Convert your Website or blog visitors into Facebook fans. If you have good traffic on your blog you can either place Facebook like box on the sidebar or as pop up on the front page of your blog. Adding a pop up like a box is a great idea and it will be shown to every single visitor of your blog.

Learn How to add Popup Like box to your Blog from here.

Promote it out of Facebook

If you are not able to get enough likes from Facebook lets promote it out of Facebook. Twitter, Google Plus, and many other sites can help you to get likes on Page.Here is how you can promote your Facebook page via Twitter and Google Plus.

Twitter – Make a tweet with your Facebook page link and write something catchy for it. You can tweet like this – “Like this page and win 100$ Amazon Coupon Free -> Your Page Link”.After tweeting this post promote it via JustRetweet.

JustRetweet is a website that helps to promote your Tweet and will bring more engagements for your tweet.

Google Plus – You can promote Page via Google Plus communities to Increase Facebook Page Likes. Google Plus communities are very active. Share your Page in big Google Plus communities with some Catchy Tagline or with the picture.

Make your Page Active

Activeness is key to get unlimited likes on Facebook page. If you frequently posting posts on your Page then Facebook will give more preference to you as result there are high chances for your page to show in news feed. Posting at different times in a day can bring you more engagements.

If you don’t have enough time to post regularly on your page you can schedule posts at once for a full day. Once your page got many likes you can consider posting just 3-4 times a day.

#Tip – Never Buy Likes

There are many likes for likes programs and Auto likers available but they all are just waste of time because likes provided by them generally disappeared in few days. Also, don’t buy Services from Fiverr and Seoclerks unless they have good reviews on it.

It is always better to get your own targeted audience so that it can bring you more profit.

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So here we shared all genuine ways to Increase Facebook Page likes. These ways always bring a good result to me and I am sure it will also help you to Increase Facebook Page Likes.

If you have any question regarding any point discussed in this article you can share that via comments and also share your trick by which you are getting Likes on your Facebook page. We would love to hear you.

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