List Of 21 Popular Money Making Apps For Every Mobile


Today 3,441,168,530 are People using the internet as reported by Internet Live Stats and these numbers are increasing every second. So if that much people use the internet you can guess how big is the Internet Market. There are numerous ways to make money online without investing any money. one of them is the money making apps. All you need is an Internet connection and any Device.


People are earning money from internet by using Laptops, Desktops but did you ever think that you can make money from your mobile too. So this post is for you if you are looking for how to make money from smartphones.

We will be listing some apps that can help you to make money online.No worries if you have Android device or an iOS device this money making apps for every mobile.There are a lot of apps that pay but we listed only best apps that make money. So without taking your more time let’s move straight to our list of money making apps for every mobile.

21 Mobile Apps To  Make Money Online Really Fast



Complete simple surveys on the app to earn cash.

#1 Surveys On the Go

Surveys are the most common and good way to earn real cash from the internet.There is the number of websites available for doing short paid surveys but it is hard to find best one. So we just got this amazing money making apps for every mobile for you which is Surveys On the Go.

This app gives you surveys from Entertainment websites and product surveys to do and will give you good cash for completing it. The app will give you the notification when the new Survey is available so there is no need to check app all the time to find new surveys.

Surveys on the Go is available for both Android and iOS.

Android                   iOS


#2 Inbox Dollars


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InboxDollars has two platforms to earn money one is their mobile app and another one is their website. On the website, you can earn money by completing surveys and on money making apps for every mobile, you have choices to do tasks to earn money.

You have complete tasks like Downloading Apps, Completing offers and Surveys. The app has pretty good reviews and a lot of users registered with them and those are actually earning money. You will have several redeem options so you can easily withdraw your coins as cash or Coupon whatever you want.

Android                   iOS

#3 PanelPlace

This is the another Paid survey app hits our list.What’s different in it is, it has a simple and user-friendly interface. As according to Panelplace they have over 800,000 members currently registered with them and earning real money from doing Surveys on money making apps.

Surveys are taken at PanelPlace actually helps business to make their services better for you.PanelPlace is also a well-rated app on Play store and App store.

Android                   iOS


Make money by watching your favorite Videos and trailers.

#4 App Trailers


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Well, Watching videos is always satisfying and can be your good companion when you are getting bored.

What if you can make money from money making apps for every mobile in your Free time when you are actually getting bored?.

Rather going to YouTube you can watch videos on this App and can make extra cash for every video watched.

This app has many good features and pays you for every video watched without any trouble. You will get some points for every video watched. 1000 points are equal to $1.You can earn as many points in a day all depends upon you.You can get your points redeemed for PayPal Cash and Gift cards.

AppTrailers is available for iOS and Android users.Get the link below to download the app.

Android                   iOS


#5 Viggle

This is something you really gonna love because this app will help you to earn while you are watching your favorite movies, TV serial or listening to music.

You have to stream movies and TV series on Providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.You will get Perk points everything you watched there and these can be redeemable for over 200+ services including PayPal.

Android                   iOS

#6 Rewardable TV

Rewardable TV is an app where you can make money by watching latest movie trailers and funny GIFs.You will get acorns for every action completed and that can be converted into real cash through Paypal. Unfortunately, this app is only available to the US for now but it will be released internationally very soon.

Android                   iOS


Review Shops, Products, Websites and more to earn.

#7 Mobee


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This app has something different to do to earn money.Mobee actually wants business reviews from you.All you have to do is visit some nearest hotel, restaurant, and others and then review their service.

Give an honest review of the business and get rewarded with real cash and other rewards.Mobee has fewer reviews but has many 4 star reviews so you can also go for this money making app .

Android                   iOS

#8 EasyShift

On EasyShift app you can make money by finding stores near you and visiting them.You have to complete a task as listed in App that can be surveyed or can be clicking photos of the product and review them.This is a good app which pays good money and has different reward money for every offer.

You can get $2-$20 for per completed offer.The money varies offer to offer.You can get your money easily transferred via PayPal within 48 hours.

Android                   iOS


Earn by doing various Tasks like Downloading apps and more.

#9 iBotta


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This is one of the best apps for money making app which gives you huge money just for uploading your receipts.Simply follow the app tasks.They can ask you to upload receipt of things you purchased.iBotta gives you $10 Bonus for your sign up.

Android                   iOS

#10 Pact

Getting a ripped body is the fashion these days but being a  fit and healthy should be our main motto.If you just joined the gym this app can be your best buddy to motivate you because it gives you real cash for going to the gym.

All you need to do is click photographs of exercises you do in GYM and your meals and there are no other tasks to do.Download the app now and earn cash by getting fit and active.

Android                   iOS

#11 ESPN Streak

Earn money with Prediction to the sports.This is an amazing app which allows you to predict your favorite sports and get paid for your winning streak.

Prediction is always a good game and you have to do nothing, all depends on your luck and your decision.Download ESPN Streak on your phone.

Android                   iOS

#12 Make Money – Free Cash App

This app allows you to complete various things to get point. you can use money making apps for every mobile by completing tasks like installing apps, filling the survey, watching videos and more.After reaching minimum redeemable points you can get the Gift card from your points or you can also get paid in your PayPal.

Android                   iOS

#13 Foap

Foap is another good app where you can sell your pictures.To earn money from Foap simply click and upload your pictures to the App and someone will really buy it for a good amount if your picture is good enough.

To increase the chances of selling more photos simply add the caption, Tags to the photo and also verify your account with PayPal that will make your photos more discoverable and hence high chances of getting it sold.

Android                   iOS

#14 Tap Cash Rewards

Who doesn’t love free Bonus or Cash? Yes, this app gives you daily free cash and bonus.Other various tasks are available in the app to make more money and over 20 options available from where you can get gifts from your points.You can unlock more offers by becoming VIP on the app and also invite your friends for good commission.

Android                iOS


Available only in Play Store.

#15 Slidejoy

Slidejoy is a top rated money making the app which you can install on iOS and Android both.Slidejoy is an app which gives you real cash just for unlocking your phone.Yes, it is really easy, all you need to do is install Slidejoy and unlock your phone at least 3 times a day to earn some good amount of money.


Remember you always need to swipe left when slidejoy locking screen appears.Slidejoy gives you carats for unlocking your phone and 1000 Carats means $1.

You can check carats every day after 10 PM.Download and start making money from your phone.


#16 Earn Money – Highest Paying App

Earn Money – the Highest paying app has really a lot of ratings but that doesn’t mean this app is better.Of course, this may be better but it all depends on you.

This app allows you to Visit Web pages, View ads and other tasks to get rewarded.You can easily cash out via Paypal and also you can get mobile recharge as well.


#17 Watch and Earn

Stop watching YouTube videos on your free time, Why not you are watching videos that actually helps you to make you money with money making apps.Yes, this app can help you in that.You can easily get points for every video you watch on this app.You can also complete other offers on the app to add extra credits to your account that can be redeemable.

You can get mobile credits, Vouchers and online cash in exchange of your credits that you earned on the app.


#18 Wild Wallet

Wild Wallet gives you instant 200 free credits for a signup. After then you have to earn credits by completing all the offers like installing Apps, doing short paid surveys and viewing ads and videos. After reaching the minimum credits you can get your credits converted in real cash that you can get via Paypal.

App has a good rating on both App store and Play store. Get this app from below links.


#19 CashPoints

In this app 600 coins means $1 that can be redeemable with PayPal.Like other apps in this app also you need to complete offers to get coins in your account.This app also offers referrals rewards so you can get your friends to join this app and get coins for their sign up.

You will get daily offers on this app and also a lucky wheel where you can win coins for free.


#20 Earn Free Cash or Money (Mint App)

This app also is known as MintApp which allows you complete offer like Watch Videos, registering on free or paid websites, installing free mobile apps. You can also refer to the friend to earn $0.25 extra.

The minimum cashout for the app is $1 which you can get via PayPal.


#21 CashPirates

If you are looking for How to make free money? Then Cashpirates is a solution where you can earn free money. CashPirates contains a variety of tasks to complete. Some apps only pay when you install apps but in this app, you can do your choice task like watching videos, surveys, review products, App installs and more.

You can redeem your points with Paypal but you should have at least 2500 points.The app has referral system where you can earn commissions from your referrals.


# Tip To Earn More and More

So here we are done with listing top Apps to make money from mobile. At last as a tip, I will say you really can’t earn much from a single app, To earn some hefty amount you should go for multiple apps so you will have good money at the end of every month.

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