5 Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Google Chrome Errors

Troubleshoot Google Chrome Errors

Today I am Going to describe troubleshooting Google Chrome Errors. As we Know Google Chrome is a favorite browser to many of us. It is widely used for browsing various websites across different platforms and Operating System. We use Google Chrome because of its speed and compatibility. No wonder, Google Chrome remains as the highly preferred website browser among the other browsers. But like any other browser, Google Chrome is no exception to errors.

We often tend to face some error messages during the course of our browsing. At times, it brings the browsing to a standstill. But the good news is that these errors are nothing to worry about. They can be easily resolved once we have a clear idea of these errors. You yourself can rectify those errors by following some simple steps. This article will help you to deal with some of the most common errors you may encounter while using the browser.

                  Five Ways to Troubleshoot Google Chrome Errors

1. DNS Probe Finished No Internet

This is a common browser error related to the DNS servers. You can resolve this by changing the default option of the DNS server to a third-party DNS server in the Network settings. Some of the best third-party DNS servers include the OpenDNS and the Google DNS. We personally suggest you replace the default server with any one of these two DNS servers before trying the other servers.

Under the Network settings, find the IPv4 option. Here you will have to enter the new IP addresses corresponding to the new DNS server. The hierarchical structure might be different on various platforms and Operating System. So you will have to search for these settings if you have a different Operating System. It is also good to know that the same fix can be applied to the “Your connection is not private” error on your browser.


2. Turn Off Antivirus Software

Antivirus software helps your system against the virus attacks from anonymous Internet sources. But some of the connection problems occur due to the installed antivirus software in your systems such as the computer, laptop or MacBook. Some of the antivirus programs may interrupt the functions of the Google Chrome browser.

This causes the browser to stop in an abrupt way. In such cases, try to turn off your antivirus program while you are in the process of diagnosing the internet connection. If you find that the errors are due to these antivirus programs, you may have to change the software settings and try again. You may then have to add your connections to the whitelist.


3. Removal of Cookies and Cached Files

The cookies and cached files are those that get stored as the result of continuous browsing. Next time when you face any error related to an Internet connection, try removing all the cached files and cookies on your Google Chrome browser. Most of the Google Chrome Errors get fixed by removing such unwanted files.

You can even remove the history to have a better result. A simple command will eliminate the unwanted files and history from your system. To do the same, copy and paste “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” on your Google Chrome browser’s address bar and press Enter. Following this, you will be prompted to select the items you want to remove. We recommend the periodical removal of such unwanted cookies, cached files, and history to have a smooth browsing experience.


4. Flush Up All DNS Cache On The System

If you face the Google Chrome Errors on any of the operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac, try clearing all the DNS cache available on your computer.

Sometimes the DNS cache causes the Google Chrome to malfunction and interrupts the Internet connection. Hence, simply removing them will resolve the issue. You can do that by typing “ipconfig/flushdns” on the Command Prompt or Terminal without quotes. This will remove all the cached files and this resolves the browser error.


5. Verify System’s Date and Time

This may sound simple but has a major impact on the proper functioning of your browser. An incorrect date and time settings can cause huge Google Chrome Errors.

SSL connection error is the most common error that occurs due to the improper date and time setting. Though the error looks complicated, the solution is quite simple. The correct settings for date and time will eliminate such browser errors.

As discussed above, these are some of the most common Google Chrome errors you may often face in the course of your browsing. By following such simple steps, you can easily get rid of these errors and have a pleasant browsing experience in your favorite browser.


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